COACHING - Your happiness is our goal!

Have you ever thought about how easy it is to move forward in your life? How can you change your life?
You can plan a one-on-one consultation with a coach and you'll find your resolution.

GROUP COACHING (1 hour)                                    99 €

INITIAL LESSON (1 hour)                                       19,90 €

INDIVIDUAL COACHING (1 hour)                    29 €

Group coaching - 1 hour (up to 10 people) ......only 99,90 €

Group coaching lesson for more than 10 people - possible by negotiation



For whom is the coaching intended?

For each and every one of us, who wants to move forward in their life.

Don't know how to live on? Are you tormented by your work? Do you want to learn how to think in a new way? Are you tired of life? How do I deal with a divorce? How do I strengthen my self-confidence? Are these types of questions what haunt you?

With the help of a coach, you'll find your way.

Can coaching be a solution to business problems?

You own a firm, or you're a manager and working with a team isn't going as you had expected? Is there a member of the team with whom you don't get along with and you can't fire them? Don't know how to unite your teams?

Try the aid of a coach who will resolve your issues with one group consultation. 

What is coaching? 

     It is the aid, that will lead to a higher productivity. The main goal is development, better ability to learn, improve your relationships and increase your quality of life.

It ensures that you'll have more time and with that the opportunity to develop your aesthetic thinking to better practice your skills. Your goals, first steps and the ability to solve problems will flourish. You have enough time and room to sort your thoughts, to set a certain goal, realize your potential and your sources and plan your next steps.

A coach will help you orient yourself in your life and you will have free room to build a path for your life to take course. You'll reach a change in your subconscious, soul, and self-confidence. It'll make making decisions concerning your career path easier. 

A change in your subconscious, your choices and your self-confidence will occur. Decisions concerning your career will become easier. Coaching on its own comes from a humanistic and positive psychology.

Positive psychology is oriented on the study and support of positive topics and the bright sides of one's personality. It focuses on the personal peace of an individual, on optimism, motivation, creativity and positive emotions.

Certain criteria for mental health when it comes to coaching and positive psychology is sympathy towards oneself, self-respect, the ability to auto-regulate one's actions, understand reality accordingly, the ability to maintain interpersonal relationships and love, the ability to self-manage and be productive.

The main subject is the agenda of the client. Amongst other things, coaching supports PSYCHOANALYSIS AND CONSTRUCTIVISM.

We assume that the man himself actively constructs his life. Our world is a result of our actions, coaching is focused on action. It also includes the philosophy of language and uses a method of focusing on solutions.

That's why, if you are looking for the right path in life, it is ideal to look towards coaching and methodology.

Do you think it's reasonable to move in life through coaching? Have you tried a variety of methods to find your own happiness? And failed? The ideal solution..... COACHING.

We look forward to meeting with you.