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Your success is our motivation.

 The main activity of GOLDEN ROPE ACADEMY is the education and training of adults. Educating is specially oriented for coaching, mentoring, counseling, guiding, training lessons, seminars and extreme education. Therefore, we focus on organizing events and trainings. Our priority is to flourish non-scholar education over the world.

Amongst other things, we are oriented towards charity activities provided by nonprofitable services.  We help with educating in families from lower social levels and many others non-profitable sectors.

Motivation to help in this field comes from our ambition to help others with looking for their new direction in life.

We are increasing profits of companies by educating managers,  workers, and directors. 


What is needed for our work? Is there something more to it than happy people, who aspire to help with the happiness of others? Unhappy people can be found anywhere. 

Discussion, dialogue, communication, these are the keys to solving all of our problems. 


The Founder of Golden Rope Academy is Mgr. Nina Zadrabajová, PCC. She is an accomplished specialist in the personal development field. For several years she has focused on personal development, coaching, counseling and mentoring methodology.

She studied politology studies, she's studying international negotiation and has acquired many international certificates. Continuously, she is a practioner. She worked at Zepter International as a coach, lector, speaker and director. Before obtaining this possition she worked in the telecommunication field and trained communication skills. 

She organizes many trainings, lectures, and seminars about personal development. She is cooperating with international companies. Her mission is to help others find their own potential and aid them in looking for their own talent and direction. 

Courage is not an absence of fear, but the intention to face fear and follow goals.

"Our happiness is on the opposite side of our fear"