Martin Hatala


"I had the opportunity to take part in two schoolings. What I appreciated most was:

- Very practical approach. It's evident, that the lector knows what she's talking about, and is obviously practicing this daily. What she's lecturing, she's experienced first hand.

- Written material = workbooks, where you can fill in information during lectures.

- Practical training followed, where everyone got to test out practically taught abilities.

- Instant feedback on my performance with written notes.

- Everything in a nice, friendly environment so jitters and embarrassment are totally excluded.

- In the past, I have paid radically larger sums for these types of trainings, while sometimes they were of lesser quality or without feedback. Without feedback, personal growth is a challenge.

- The price and quality are simply without competition.

You should definitely try it. That is the only way to see that it truly works."

Dominika Szijartóová

"Ninka THANK YOU! for the opportunity to take part in today's training (schooling) of Effective Self-motivation! 
This evening amongst you guys went beyond my expectations. It was the greatest prize/gift that could possibly come at this stage of my life. It gave me a lot, and I know that it'll give me even more.
I'm looking forward to more upcoming events.
I wish you many satisfied clients." 

Ivan Zámečník

Sales representative

"I attended a few of Mgr. Nina Zadrabajová lessons. They provided me with a lot of new information, that I started practicing daily and the results have arrived instantly. Schoolings are at a very professional level, they proceed in a friendly atmosphere and are very motivational. They are intended for those, who want to be experts at what they do. Work will become a hobby for those who attend a training session. Attend a lecture and results will present themselves. "

Viktor Sidor

Sales representative

,,Ninka deserves recognition. Every training has an interesting topic, that we discuss. It's enjoyable while being a strong motivation to work. When you come, you'll understand what I mean by this. Highly recommend!! :)."